mandag 10. mai 2010

5 categories

This has been the last assignment involving 5 categories this year. This time our categories were:

- Travel
- Age 
- Spring
- Expression
- Own choice

I tried to let these categories inspire me, and here´s what I came up with:


When I got this assignment I figured that I could use some of my older pictures as well. I took the one above last summer when I was in Paris. It´s the roof of the old famous nightspot "Moulin Rouge". Personally I think it´s beautiful, at least when I cut away all the cars driving below. I´ve now learned how much good cropping means.
Camera - Canon IXUS 870IS

I didn´t exactly travel far away to take the photo above, I took it at Kongeparken landstreff 2010, but many people did. And Ferris wheels always reminds me of traveling and vacations. I thought this picture got sort of a magical and colorful look and even though it´s dark, it makes you happy to look at.
Camera - Cellphone Nokia E71


I´ve chosen to put the first two pictures together. This is my sister Mette. She´s very pregnant and the more I thought about it, the more I figured out what a special age she´s in at the moment. It´s gonna change her whole life. Other than that it´s also a beautiful and natural picture. I wanted her out in the nature and I´ve also fixed it a little bit in photoshop using different layers and black and white.
Camera - Nikon D40

This was definitely my favorite "age" picture. It´s in pure black and white with a wall background so she´s in the focus. I`ve also put in a little green color in her eyes to make her expression clearer and more interesting. When I took these photos of my sister I found out that it´s really hard to work with nature as your photo studio. You have to find the right angles and the right light and background, so suddenly you have a lot more to work with.
Camera - Nikon D40

This is my last "age" photo, and also one of my favorites because of her expression. It reminds me of models expressions in magazines, in a good way. During this photo shoot I´ve also gotten to work a lot with portraits which we learned a lot about earlier this year. 
Camera - Nikon D40


This was the first picture I took through the whole assignment process. It´s taken down with a water calles "Edlandsvatnet" on Ålgård. It was a sunny day for the first time this year (almost). The reason I chose this as one of my top ten photos is because of the colors and the details the tree makes. 
Camera - Nikon D40

Everytime we´ve gotten 5 new categories I´ve tried to be creative. The picture above is the results of the same. I took a bowl of water, put it on a mirror and filled it with wild flowers. The weather that day wasn´t exactly spring, so I decided to make my own spring. I´m pretty pleased with the results.
Camera - Canon IXUS 870IS

The picture above is sort of an illusion, there´s twice as many flowers because I put a mirror behind them. It´s of course up to each and every person to find out if they like it or not, but I thought it turned out pretty cool. I also love the colors.
Camera - Canon IXUS 870IS


This time I did not take pictures of any expressions cause I already had to many pictures I wanted to use in the other categories.

Own choice:

I know I´ve taken pictures of my cat several times, but he´s starting to become quite the model. The one above wasn´t planned though. While I was doing one of my creative stunts, he came and started to drink and play with the water in my bowl. So I took this photo and loved the perspective (big head and tiny paws) and Spiff´s expression. That´s why this one was one of my own choices. 
Camera - IXUS 870IS

In the photo above I´ve experimented with black and white and layers like in the first "age" pictures. I thought it was cool cause the mirror sort of separates the picture in two, making two very different expressions in one picture.
Camera - IXUS 870IS

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