torsdag 29. april 2010


Tuesday 27.04.10 me and my photo class took the trip to Stavanger to visit Rogaland kunstmuseum. There was an exhibition called Helsinki10 there. It was photos picked out from 10 artists from Finland. The guide told us about most of the pictures and they all had really different expressions, I´m pretty sure when I say that almost everyone could find a picture they liked there. 

After the exhibition, our teacher told us to look at how you can use a picture. You can use it for art, documentary and reports for example. From the pictures at the exhibition, we learned that sometimes it´s hard to tell the difference between the three. To use a picture for art is easy to know what is. It could be to decorate or just for the arts. Pictures used for documentary could be to explain for example a process and a picture used in reports can be used to inform, perhaps in an article or something similar. 

The picture above is a little manipulated, it´s two pictures put together. All the bright colors make a different impression according to where you´re standing.

This was the picture that caught most of my attention. It´s taken by Ilkka Halso in 2004. The message from it is about nature and how we´re destroying it by trying to control it. I think.. But this picture is also an example of a picture used to report. Maybe it´s a suggestion of how the future´s gonna look like?

The picture underneath is a part of a picture taken by Susanna Majuri. Her pictures was very interesting cause she worked with water. Most of these pictures were taken in a pool and almost all of them had strong female characters in them. This might be a message she wants show us.

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