tirsdag 1. desember 2009

My best photo - so far

The time has come again to pick my best photo so far, I actually didn´t have a real idea of which one to pick, but I ended up with this one.

If you want to read more about this photo you can go further down. I chose this one because I find it very eye catching. The jewelry makes does enough for the shiny part and close up you can even see the lines in my hand.

5 categories

A few weeks ago we got 5 new categories to guide us on the camerafront, they were:

- Own choice - nature
- Hands
- Light
- Black/white
- Weather

Once again our task was to pick out ten different photos, so here we go:

Own choice:

These two pictures I took from my own freedom. I don´t believe there´s a general purpose behind them, but I figured I could put them both under my own category; nature.

- original

This was actually the first photo I took with my new cellphone, it´s a Nokia E71 with a 3,2 mp camera. It´s taken in the summer and on the side you can see a small version og the original photo. I´ve cropped this photo and had a little fun with it in photoshop. When this lucky shot was captured it was bright sunlight outside and the butterfly flew away right after. For me summer looks exactly like this photo, at least the original.
Camera - Cellphone Nokia E71 3,2 mp.

Sometimes when I´m out for a walk right before it gets dark there´s an incredible light, and when you look at the trees around they look entirely black, that´s what I´ve tried to catch in this one. I stood under the tree and took the picture from underneath facing the sky. One thing I learned though is that you have to be a really good photographer to catch that blue and mysterious winter light, and you got to know your camera.
Camera - Nikon D40.


I got two photos in this category, but I also have a third one with two categories.

This is my hand. The composition is slightly to the left side, but in my eyes that made the photo better. The room it´s taken in is lightened up by a lamp consisting 3 light bulbs. I have not fixed a lot on this picture, but I made the colors a bit weaker to get an antique feeling that fits with the jewelry I´m holding.
Camera - Nikon D40.

- Original

This is not one of my favorite photos, it´s not sharp enough. At first it was just a joke, me and my friends were bored when we waited for the bus, but after looking at it for a while I kind of liked it. Despite the dark colors it sends out a lot of positive energy. It´s taken on a pretty grey day, but the light was good. What I´ve learned from this photo though, is that photos are fun, and it´s posible to share it with other people and get internal memories.
Camera - Cellphone Nokia E71 3,2 mp.

Hands and light:

This picture fits into two different categories, so I chose to place it in both.

It´s taken in front of a poster behind my lamp in my room. I´ve always been facinated by old photos, so I chose to use the sepia effect. If you take a good look at the hand you can see major contrastes the lightest area is almost plane white and the darkest area is almost pitchblack. The lamp in the photo is the only thing that lights up the room, which is probably why it´s not as sharp as it could´ve been, but it works with the sepia effect.
Camera - Nikon D40.

Light and weather:

These two pictures fits in two different categories as well, both light and weather.

- Original

I live on the top of a mountain, and every sunny morning I´ve always wanted to capture the sun rising. One morning I finally got my camera and did it. The sunlight spreads throughout the picture and reflects in the water. I edited away some of the redish light on the mountains, which made the photo better in my opinion. The biggest thing I learned is that sometimes it´s worth getting out of bed early.
Camera - Nikon D40.

After a long day the sun goes down, this photo is taken from the bus window out on Forus. It was one of those spontanious captures. I was really facinated by the sky and the building areas, the light made all the buildings and other stuff look so much darker, and the clouds stood in such a big contrast to the sky. Since the photo is taken with my cellphone, it´s not the greatest, but I still like the image, it´s sort of a modern sunset.
Camera - Cellphone Nokia E71 3,2 mp.

Black and white:

I have one picture in only black and white, but as you can see above I´ve used this effect together with colors in some of the other photos.

I´m kind of a messy person, but this week I managed to find "art" between the mess. On my floot there was a bunch of cd´s and some earings lying around, so I put my camera on the floor and pushed the off button, not really knowing what the turnout would be, in my opinion it was a lucky shot. The reflections in the cd´s plays with the light from the lamp and that´s what makes the whole picture worth watching.
Camera - Nikon D40.


The two photos I have under this category is very different from each other, one is from the summer, and one from now, autumn/winter.

Lately we´ve had a lot of cold weather, and this weekend the ground started freezing up. I really like this picture because it looks like autumn covered in winter. The colors were really clear and you can see the frost glimmer. I captured this image on a grey sunday and I learned that a lot of things are prettier close up, all though not everything. By the way if you click on the photo it will get clearer than it is here.

Camera - Nikon D40.

There´s some pictures that you might feel you´ve seen before, like the traditional picture of a railroad, sometimes with a lonely person walking towards the distant end of it. This summer I was going for a walk and I saw the picture from a different view. A more happy and sunny picture. I have played a little with the black/white effect in photoshop, to make a bigger contrast. The things I´ve learned might be that there´s always different ways to look at a photo, different sides.

Camera - Cellphone Sony Ericsson, can´t remember mp on the camera.

Graphic workshop

In Stavanger we have a graphic workshop, and this Tuesday we got to visit it. We were all shown around by a lady who worked there and after a while we got to see some of the work from artists. The graphic workshop in Stavanger works like this, if you´re an artist, you pay and take a class about how to use the stuff in the shop, and then you may work and produce your art there. I didn´t quite catch the prize, but it´s availeble for everybody.

While I was there I noticed all of the machines and all the different material, and I find these different printing methods very interesting. I wonder how people came up with it, it´s like a new way of expressing your art.

After the tour we finally got to do something practical, silk print. The woman who guided us made it all ready, she put the print into a box with ultraviolet light and then all the students took turns in making their own pink butterfly print.

tirsdag 27. oktober 2009


The last two weeks we´ve been working with stencils. It´s a little different from our photo tasks, but I thought it was really fun, at least when I got it right. 

I have another subject in school where we´ve been working with street art, which is an art where they use many different technics and also stencils. A friend of mine has studied a street art artist from Norway called Rita Rohdin Nyhuus. She´s very good with stencils and you can see some of her pieces right here. She is really an artist when it comes to stencils. 

I brought a white top to school. At first I had some problems with my ideas, but I ended up with a band logo that I really liked. I´m going to be a russ next year, and I really wanted In Flames´s logo on my russ pants, so that was the biggest idea behind it. I think the technic is really genius because if you´ve made the stencil you can use it over again on other objects and with other colors. 

Banksy is one of the most famous street art artists in the world and his real identity is still hidden. He works a lot with stencils and I thought this video was pretty interesting. It´s artist using stencils in the streets so you can see how the professionals does it with sprays cans. They´re inspired by Banksy, like many others. 

I´ve learned a lot by this assignment, and I really think that I can use it in the future as well. When you try to make something outstanding you use your creativity and your skills get bigger the more you practice. 

It the collage I made above you can see some pictures of my process while making my In Flames t-shirt. I placed it in the middle of the front side, and further down at the back. I could of course have made it different, but this was how I saw it being in my head. The front side has a positive stencil, while the back side has a negative one, that was a part of the assignment.

tirsdag 29. september 2009


At school we learned about using our photos in other things than just picture frames. So we all made a label by using a chosen photo. In my photo it was the color that made me choose it, and I made a label for apple cider. Around the edges you can see some lines, for them I used the color from the leaves, just to get a little gathered, finished touch!

My best photo - so far

I took this photo about a year ago. I got a photo mission from a friend of mine, he wanted me to be the photographer on one of his bands concerts. On this concert another band was playing as well, they´re called "Hatefuel". This is a close up on the vocalist in that band. My intention when I took the concertphotos was to capture the feeling of the music as well, and I really think I managed to do that a little bit in this photo.

mandag 28. september 2009

5 categories

For the last few weeks, we´ve been working on a photo project. The assignment says that we have five different categories to take inspiration from.

- Autumn
- Animals
- Fruit, berries and groceries
- Composition
- Reflection

Our task was to pick out our ten best pictures, so here´s my outline:

These four pictures is inspired by Norwegian autumn. When I went out on a little mountain hike to take these pictures, the rain had just left it´s mark on nature. I just thought the water made it all prettier in it´s own special way, it made it shine a little bit more. That you can see on my first picture here.

My camera is a Nikon D40, and when I took this picture I took it from (almost) underneath the straws. The idea was nothing special, just to capture the raindrops in a picture frame.

On this second photo I just wanted a close up on nature. I haven´t opened this photo in photoshop or anything, so the color is absolutely gorgeous (in my opinion). The sky that day was pretty dark and grey, but the light was great.

- Original

This is my third and second last autumn photo. It´s a wet spiderweb, and I have to admit that I did make it a little better in Iphoto. But other than that I really loved the color and the clear drops of cold autumn rain.

Now this was my absolute favorite autumn capture. I took this one from underneath the straws as well, and since the sky was grey it sat the straws and the raindrops much more in focus.


One of the other categories - animals. This is my cat, Spiff, and of course to me he´s gorgeous. In this first photo though I really think I managed to capture the colors of his fur and eyes. The picture is taken outside, on a grey day.

This is a picture of my preciousness in a profile. I think the red sofa in the background really increases the orange color of the fur. And it´s a one second shot, a lucky one. The light in this picture was some how different though. I took this one inside, but still, I took it with my Nikon D40, so it turned out great after all.

Fruit, berries and groceries/composition/reflection:

When we had our first assignment, I chose to combine the fruit pictures with composition. I took fruits and berries and put them in the freezer, and after that I sat them on a mirror out in the rain.

- Original

This picture I´ve showed you before further down on my blog, but it´s one of my ten best photos in this assignment, so I´ll just show it again. I used the same camera on this picture, and the idea was to have a close up to the berries and see how they look like when they´re frozen/wet. And the mirror reflects it which makes it kind of fascinating when with the water.

I did the same thing with this apple that I did with the berries above. The weather that day was pretty greyish, which it is most days here in Norway. But the light is great to take pictures it though.

Reflection and composition:

This is me and two of my friends down by the dock in Stavanger. We all gathered in front of a window with the sea in the background and took a picture of our reflection. Behind this one there wasn´t really any idea, more of a spontaneous picture. I haven´t put autumn in the title of this one, but the weather is clearly inspired by it.


This is my last and final picture for this assignment. It´s my reflections in Andreas´s car window at Hå Gamle Prestegard. As you can see the weather was beautiful that day. I get a real "summerfeeling" by looking at it because of the colors, and as the one above, it was a spontaneous picture. Sometimes those have a tendency of getting rather good, so if photographing is a hobby of yours and you have a digital camera, just snap away. You never know when you´re gonna get your lucky shot =)

tirsdag 15. september 2009

Hå Gamle Prestegard

Today, 15.09.09 my part of the photoclass stepped out of our box of a classroom. We took a field trip to Hå Gamle Prestegard to see a exhibition called "Svev" by Heidi Wexelsen Goksøyr. The picture above is one of her works. We also saw another exhibition there, I can´t really remember the name of it, but it had something to do with oil and society, or something.

After all this arranged stuff, the teacher let us out into the wild. 13 students suddenly ran wild with their cameras, the nature and the ocean can inspire almost everyone.

tirsdag 8. september 2009

Fruit, berries and groceries

A week ago we got a completely new task, we were supposed to take pictures of fruits, berries and groceries.

I wanted to do something special, so I tried to use the creative side of my brain and ended up freezing all the fruits and berries. The picture above is one of my results. I manage to take the photo with a lot of help from good light, a mirror and some rain.

I myself liked this task, I found it kind of exiting. It´s all about what you make of it yourself.

onsdag 26. august 2009


Our first assignment was to capture one or several good pictures of an umbrella. We made some tiny groups and went crazy with a couple of cameras we borrowed from our teacher. The pictures had to be creative and interesting, something that would really catch your eye if you passed it.

After an hour of intense "snapping" we picked out our best shots and made them even prettier in a fantastic program called "Iphoto" (it´s so easy that it´s genious". Our outline was generally pretty good for a "first try", and we got a lot of positive comments. I think all of the groups were pretty pleased with themselves.

tirsdag 25. august 2009


Hi, this schoolyear we have a mission, and that mission is to make a blog for the subject "Trykk og foto". On this blog I´m gonna put out pictures and texts from different assignments, so if you´re interested, stay tuned =P