mandag 15. februar 2010

Photo of the week! (7)

This is a picture taken of a tree in my garden. It has a frog perspective and I loved the colors. I have used this tree in another picture on my blog as well, but this one has greater colors. I aslo love the composition. 
Camera - Nikon D40

fredag 12. februar 2010

Photo of the week! (6)

This is my photo that represents week 6 in the year 2010. It´s actually possible to read this picture in different ways, either it could be playing in the snow, or kicking it cause it´s been here too long! I love the contrast though. The nice and harmony-like environment and the snow that storms in and interrupts it. It could be a symbol of the problems that hits our harmonic lives every day as well, but that might be going a step to deep into it!
Camera - Nikon D40

tirsdag 9. februar 2010

Photoshop creativity!

This Tuesday we kept on experimenting in photoshop. Some of my fellow students even showed some stuff they knew. I chose to experiment with layers and erasers. 

As you can see, this is a super unnatural picture. It´s built up by 5 different pictures and the fact that they´re different sizes is because I didn´t use a easel for the camera so they´re taken in different distances. But since this experiment was unnatural from the start I didn´t really mind that much.

If you wanna make a picture like this one, you should use a easel, and all you have to do is drag them into photoshop and erase the stuff that´s in the way!

onsdag 3. februar 2010

Photo of the week! (5)

I chose this photo as the photo of the week. The sunset makes the winter landscape so much prettier than it already is. I thought it was a nice way to show how this snowy weather can be pretty even though most of us are starting to get sick of it.
Camera - Nikon D40

My best photo

Creativity is a very important thing in my life, and since this picture was one of the most creative ones, I chose it as my best photo. I think it´s a "girly" photo, but also kind of "special". The part I like most about it, except the shiny parts, is that I made the camera focus on the colored finger and make the other ones blurry. All in all, I´m happy with it.

tirsdag 2. februar 2010

5 categories

We had a fast start to the year 2010 by having our usual assignment with 5 new categories. This year it was:

- Winter
- Architecture 
- Stripes
- Portraits 
- A series of pictures

These 5 categories was going to set their marks on our work and here is my outline:


This photo is taken by the river called "Figgjo elva". It has been completely frozen and last week some of it melted, but not all of it as you can see in the background. When I took the photo, using my Nikon D4o, I didn´t focus on the background. I tried that as well, but the trees just made it blurry then. Still, I really liked the expression I got in this photo. It´s so cold, but still a little warm. It´s definitely one of my favorites. 

This is a clearer photo of the river. I thought it was so pretty, seeing how the weather is taking over all the nature. I also liked the composition in this one, which is also taken with my Nikon D40. I took a lot of photos when I managed to get these two, and I´ve learned that winter is really a difficult season to take pictures of. They have a tendency of getting too white, but I´m happy with these two.


This old building´s been standing by the river as long as I can remember, but it wasn´t until I got it in the right light that I saw the beauty in it. The paint is falling off and most of the windows are broken but in this picture I think I managed to capture a certain charm to it. All to ones taste of course. I took it before the dark came with my Nikon D40, as well.


Stripes became the most popular category in my assignment and I had a lot of fun with it.

I was ones told to be creative, and when this assignment showed up I took the chance to try it out a little more than usual. This is a picture of my hand, a little twisted, laying on a mirror with powder eyeshadow on it with one finger and parts of the hand covered in different sorts of eyeliners. The idea came when I was walking around with my camera, searching for stripes. I managed to get a few good ones (lower down), but not exactly what I wanted. So I thought that if I couldn´t find the right stripes, I´d make my own, which I did. I´m very fond of the results.

When I look at this photo, I think it´s pretty. It´s a part of a mask from Italy. It has glitter, it´s shining and the stripes (as I call them) have a nice turn in them which makes the composition good in my eyes. I also love the colors. I wondered if I should crop away the blue diamond in the corner, but I decided not to cause it was so good to the other colors. I mostly learned that a lot of things can be fun up close. 
Nikon D40

In the first "stripe-photo", I mentioned that my hand was lying on a mirror. This mirror was my first experiment with the creative striped and I got a picture of it right here. The stripes are very organic and not so hard as many people imagine when they think of stripes, which goes for the two pictures above as well, but I like the expressions in organic pictures better than in mechanic ones. 
Nikon D40

I was a bit insecure about this one, but seeing that three categories sort of works with it, I´ve grown to like it. First the stripes, they´re both different sizes and different colors (caused by the light), which makes it more natural. And second, it´s easy to see the winter wonderland who has taken over the street outside. Third and last we have architecture, which involves the houses. 
Nikon D40


This is a portrait of my brother, Erlend, taken in front of my huge Paris picture, that´s why I made it in black and white, to make it fit better. The black and white also works with the expression and style. This picture was actually not my idea though, my brother wanted some new photos and this was actually not a pose, he was still moving. By doing this for him, and obviously myself, I´ve learned how it´s important to take a lot of pictures, even if it´s of the same thing, you never know which one´s gonna turn out to be the best one.
Nikon D40 

I have posted this one before, but I still wanted it to be one of my top ten photos. As a said then, I really like the model-like expression and how it works with the black and white colors.
Nikon D40

A series of pictures:

This series of pictures I would like to call "Boys". There was not idea or agenda behind it, but it tells a story, which to me is funny and maybe interesting or disturbing to others. The people on it is two friends and my boyfriend, obviously enjoying the snow and attention from the camera. That is a thing I find really important, that the camera can show joy it the way it does, even people who´s never seen these guys before will probably think it´s funny. A camera brings joy!
Nikon D40