torsdag 25. mars 2010

Photo of the week! (12)

Easter´s coming!
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tirsdag 16. mars 2010

Photo of the week! (11)

This ended up being my photo of this week. After I had a little fun with the filter called Fresco in photoshop it looked like this. It´s actually a picture of a hand with soap bubbles wrapped around it. 
Camera - Cellphone Nokia E71

onsdag 10. mars 2010


On Tuesday we got an assignment. This was´t a photoassignment, but one inside the printing category. We did linocut last year, but this time we used the computer to make the photos easier instead of our hands. We used a filter from photoshop called "cutout". This year we had to use a picture we´d taken ourselves and the linocut was only 6x6 cm.

My linocut looks really abstract, but it´s actually a picture o a cloth and parts of a cake. I took 5 prints of it and ended up choosing the blue one.

søndag 7. mars 2010

Photo of the week! (10)

This photo is taken in old Stavanger. On Wednesday we had an exhibition there where we focused on the architecture. In the street with all the white houses I managed to take this photo.
I have done a couple of things with it in photoshop though. First I made a copy, then I made it black and white and erased the grey from the sky. In my eyes it got a lot prettier and the blue sky really stands out now. The black and white effect works great to when you think about how old these houses actually are.

Camera - Cellphone Nokia E71

tirsdag 2. mars 2010

Photo of the week! (9)

I was looking through some old pictures and I found this one. I took it this summer in Paris. The Eiffel Tower. The chose this one as the photo of the week is that I miss summer. And I miss traveling. Besides that I´ve always liked this picture, I like the angle and the colors, I have experimented a little with it in photoshop but the quality still isn´t the best.
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It´s the first Tuesday after the winter vacation and we started with a bang. We all brought layouts from either the internet or a magazine and our assignment was to copy it, sort of. The difference was that we had to use our own pictures.

The one above is my layout. I´ve used two of the pictures I´ve used as photo of the week and combined them i a copy of another layout. I used InDesign which was a long time ago and I needed some time before my memory of it got back to me, but after that, it all got better.

First of all I learned to notice the tiny things that makes a layout great and I also got a refreshment in InDesign.

Photo of the week! (8)

Winter wonderland!
Camera - Nikon D40