tirsdag 27. oktober 2009


The last two weeks we´ve been working with stencils. It´s a little different from our photo tasks, but I thought it was really fun, at least when I got it right. 

I have another subject in school where we´ve been working with street art, which is an art where they use many different technics and also stencils. A friend of mine has studied a street art artist from Norway called Rita Rohdin Nyhuus. She´s very good with stencils and you can see some of her pieces right here. She is really an artist when it comes to stencils. 

I brought a white top to school. At first I had some problems with my ideas, but I ended up with a band logo that I really liked. I´m going to be a russ next year, and I really wanted In Flames´s logo on my russ pants, so that was the biggest idea behind it. I think the technic is really genius because if you´ve made the stencil you can use it over again on other objects and with other colors. 

Banksy is one of the most famous street art artists in the world and his real identity is still hidden. He works a lot with stencils and I thought this video was pretty interesting. It´s artist using stencils in the streets so you can see how the professionals does it with sprays cans. They´re inspired by Banksy, like many others. 

I´ve learned a lot by this assignment, and I really think that I can use it in the future as well. When you try to make something outstanding you use your creativity and your skills get bigger the more you practice. 

It the collage I made above you can see some pictures of my process while making my In Flames t-shirt. I placed it in the middle of the front side, and further down at the back. I could of course have made it different, but this was how I saw it being in my head. The front side has a positive stencil, while the back side has a negative one, that was a part of the assignment.