lørdag 30. januar 2010

Photo of the week! (4)

I chose this photo for this week. These are my two cats, and I know I already have pictures of them on this blog, but this picture was a lucky one in my eyes. The two cats are very different from each other, so it makes a big contrast, almost like ying and yang. 

The picture is good quality and taken with my dads digital camera, a Canon IXUS 870 IS.

tirsdag 26. januar 2010

Photo studio mania!

Tuesday was sort of a summary. We got a second chance to test out our skills in 
the schools photo studio. We also kept developing our skills in photoshop where we learn some new tricks from watching a video. For example how to change the background of a picture. If you go to the classblog you can see the same video we learned from. 

As you can see on the pictures I used the same model this week, Ida. I thought the first one was a really innocent picture and the white, empty background really helped the expression. 

The second picture is actually from last week. I cropped her face out and experimented with black and white. The fact that Ida´s not looking in the camera and not really posing by purpose or anything made it really cool and model-like.
Camera - Nikon D40

torsdag 21. januar 2010

Photo of the week! (3)

On Tuesday this week we all got a new experience. Our school has a photo studio, and we got the pleasure to use it. We used classmates as models and clicked away. I´ve learned a lot, for instance how you can be sure to get a good photo in a studio by just placing the flashes in the right spots. 

This picture is of Ida, one of my classmates. I took a lot more pictures than this one, but this is my favorite and I chose it to be this weeks "photo of the week", which is a new thing I´ve started. The reason is that then I have to take more photos more often, and that will make me a better photographer. 

mandag 18. januar 2010


Last week we divided into groups and took pictures both outside and inside. We worked in different light and the main thing was to take portrait pictures of your team mates. After taking around 100 pictures it´s hard to choose, but here is two of them.

This is a picture of Andreas taken outside our school. I think the blue sky highlightes the color in his eyes and all in all it´s a happy photo. It makes you smile.

In this photo I managed to capture the light in Anne-Lenes eyes. It is also taken outside in the snow so the light is really bright, but in this picture I just think it made her stand more out since the background is blurry and she´s clear.

tirsdag 5. januar 2010


In class today we worked with photoshop. We learned how to use "Spot healing brush tool", "Dodge tool" and "Burn tool".

- "Spot healing tool" - This is a magic tool in photohop, you can use it to erase spots and molls and other marks to make a nice and smooth surface.

- "Dodge tool" - This tool is used to make the surface lighter.

- "Burn tool" - This tool is used to make the surface darker.

As you can see I´ve used all these tools on this halloween picture. Works magic!

Evaluation - 1. term

In this subject the first term has just flown by. I feel really motivated to work with photographing and prints. To get something creative out of a person you have to inspire them, and in this subject I feel very inspired.

I´ve learned a lot this year, for instance how to use my camera properly. I would like to learn more about the special effects on my camera though, but all in good time. I´ve also learned to handle photoshop in a better way than I used to. I´ve never had a big interest for it, but now I think it´s growing.

I´ve also grown used to blogging now, all though it took me some time. There´s always a risk that something goes wrong or gets deleted when we use computers, that scares me. But I mostly think it´s a pretty good way to hand in all the assignments, then it´s all gathered there and I can also see what my fellow students have done.

I think the "5 category" assignments are great, they´ve made me think about photographing all the time, at least when I´m outside. I also like the freedom the assignment give us to be creative, not all subjects gives us that.

During the first term we´ve been to many exhibitions. The most interesting thing about these are that we get to see how different other people see things. We all see it different, so then it´s obvious that not everyone likes everything.

"At eye level" by Mette Tronvoll

15. Desember my photo group took the long trip out to Rogaland Kunstmuseum. Mette Tronvoll had an exhibition there called "At eye level". The guide told us that Mette Tronvoll herself joined when they hung up the pictures. The picture above shows the title of her display very well. They were places upon the wall at eye level. If the persons on the pictures stood next to them the hight would match. But many of them were bigger than a normal sized human being.

Mette Tronvoll wanted us to see the persons the same was she did, at eye level.


The photos were placed on the walls in different series. Some were of her friends and some were of people from other countries. In some of them she captured parts of the personality with just one picture.

"Ansikt" by Ingeborg Skrudland

"Ansikt" is an exhibition by Ingeborg Skrudland. One early Saturday morning my photo group and I traveled to Jæren Hotell, Bryne. Ingeborg Skrudland herself gave us the tour, which was really great cause then we got to know what she´d thought when she took all these pictures.

Ingeborg Skrudland is a freelance photographer, and at Jæren we didn´t only get to see her exhibition, but also some of her freelance work. She has taken the photos of the cows that decorates some of the rooms at Jæren Hotell.

I must say, of all the exhibitions I´ve been to, this was one of my favorites. She called it "Ansikt" which means face. Her photos were of people, some were very natural, but many of them stood out. She said that she liked people who tried to be different, someone who could colorize the entire photo without doing anything.

It was a really surprising display, she had actually decorated an empty pool at the hotel with her photos. I thought it was weird at first when they told me it was in a pool, but it kind of worked really well. The room was so bright that it made all the pictures stand even more out.

There was a lot of variations in her display. The photos were taken
from different angles, different places, different people, and both close and far away. Even though she called the whole collection "Ansikt" (face), she also had pictures of fruits, berries, eggs and other common things.

After the exhibition, we all went for a stroll in the park in Bryne with our cameras. The sun was up and we just went crazy. I had to work so I took the train, but the rest of the group went to another exhibition at Bryne Mølle. Herborg Kverneland had a display of calligraphy which is known to the class already. We learned to write calligraphy last year. 

All in all this Saturday was well spent, it´s always nice to see other peoples perspective.

Pictures will be coming soon!